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Terry & Linda Jeremiah's Wedding 9/10/11

I was born May 1, 1958 in Rochester, New York, the eldest of four children (with two sisters and a brother, in that order). My father, Marlow Leake, is a small engine mechanic who runs his own business (Leake's Fixit Shop) with my brother, Edward. My mother, June Leake, is a domestic engineer who runs a tight ship and keeps everything absolutely immaculate (floors you could eat off and the like.) My two sisters, Betsy (husband Alan) and Sally, have their own families, and have blessed me with two nieces and two nephews (Marcy, Janna, Eric, and Mark). My brother Edward(wife Leslie)gave me three nieces (Caroline and Rachel, and Emily)as well.

My son Jeremiah was born in 1984... the year George Orwell said the world would end, wasn't it? Well my world began that year. Jeremiah is Grown now, Married to his wonderful wife Christina and they are the parents of two furry children, Frenzy and Fury. Jeremiah is a licensed Funeral Director employed with Weeks Funeral Home and Christina is a college student and server at our local Applebbes restaurant. Jeremiah is the most AWESOME kid a mom could have and Christina runs a close second. We are so happy to have her as a part of our family since 9/10/11. See Wedding pictures below!

Our son, Jeremiah

My husband Terrence, Terry for short, is awesome too. He came on the scene in 1997 and we married on April 5th, 1998. Terry was the Dad Jeremiah never had and he adopted Jeremiah on March 14th 2000. It would have been sooner but you have to wait for all the attorneys and courts to do their thing. Terry is a well rounded guy with a definite flair for Computer. He is an awesome programmer and does a great job keeping all things computer in super shape. He cares for my web site does all the graphics for ever group I am involved in. He keeps the Web site for My doll club (Lilac Fashion Doll Club) He even designed and printed the wedding invitations for Jeremiah and Christina's wedding. He's a real handy guy. I love him with all my heart and am SO lucky to have him.

Jer and pseudo brother Tony

Back row: Eric, Caroline, Betsy
Middle row: Jeremiah, Christina, Leslie, Edward, Alan, Rachel
Bottom row: Emily, Marlow, June, Janna, Sally, Mark, Marcy, Linda, Terry

Barbie dolls have been a part of my life for a long time. I sewed and sold Barbie clothes at various times throughout my school years. I got my 1st Barbie on my 9th Birthday. She was a Color Magic, a gift from my grandparents. I got my second Barbie from my sister Betsy on my 30th birthday! I have added to my collection substantially since then. My Husband and Mother-in-law being those who encourage my collection most. My first truly customized, OOAK Barbie was done as a special gift for my niece Caroline's baby shower. That was in 1994 and the rest as they say is History. I hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to email me with questions and comments!

After many, many years of Retail work in Bridal wear, bridal and formal fabric and Bridal and formal seamstress work, I got a job with the Department of Social Services working in the Child Protective unit. I was a single mom for 11 years and put myself through college to get a dual degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice with the intention of working for the DSS. I finally began that job in January of 2003. I still do lots of Bridal and formal sewing work from my home. My business is called "First Of May" see more regarding this aspect of my life in the "First Of May" section of my web site. I recently did the Bridal job of my lifetime when I made Christina's one of a kind Bridal gown, White satin trimmed in black and encrusted with Swarovski crystals in lt siam (red), jet(black) and clear crystal' (see pics!)

The older I get, the more I realize how much my family means to me. Take a look at the whole bunch of us, all 18, pictured here after Church on Christmas day 2011.

Wedding Photo

Our Wedding Photo

Wedding Dolls

Ken and Barbie replicas of our wedding day