First of May Designs


Founded in March 1989, First Of May Formal and Bridal Wear was the result of 25+ years of sewing experience. I create prom, bridesmaids, flower girl, mother-of-the-bride, and bridal dresses based on everything from commercial patterns to completely original designs and all the shades in between. I have created dresses in all sizes made of everything from common cottons to imported silks.

My customer base is very loyal, and always satisfied. In ten years of formal sewing, I have never missed a deadline, and I never plan to! When I make a dress for a client I often end up making ones for their sisters, daughters, cousins, and their bridesmaids when they marry. I have even had a couple of (unfortunate) repeat bridal customers, and they were even happier the second time around (both with the dress and the husband!) I am always astonished by the steady flow of customers who come in my door year after year, especially considering that it is all by word of mouth! I don't have any formal advertisements of any kind; I don't need them! My work speaks for itself.

My creations have won numerous awards at the state and local levels. Almost an entire wall of my sewing room is covered in photos and ribbons from winning entries. My wedding dresses have placed in the top four every year I have taken them to the New York State Fair.

Originally, First Of May was my way of supporting myself and my son, Jeremiah. I had been sewing since I was four, making clothes for my dolls and then for myself (I could never find anything which fit right!) As a single mother, I needed a source income and a way to spend time with my son. Although I haven't ever made huge money from it, the business has gotten us by, and allowed me to watch my son grow up.

Over the last couple of years, First Of May has returned to its roots, if you will, of making doll clothes. I began making designer dolls using a popular eleven and a half inch fashion doll, and selling them on the Internet at the eBay auction site. It has been received with a reasonable degree of success, and has introduced me to many new friends and clients across the United States (Denise, Sharon, Kyle and Pat). I have wanted to do something like this for a long time, and the Internet finally gave me access to a market I could have never gotten into before hand. Isn't the World Wide Web great?!

I plan to continue making dresses for people and dolls alike for years to come. Most of all, I will continue to develop the relationships I have made over the years and across the Web. Let's face it... When it comes down to it, the dresses are beautiful, but it is the people which make them worth the work!