You need:

  • Chenille bumps cut as follows:
    • One piece with 4 bumps, and
    • 2 pieces with two bumps.
  • some white glue or craft glue
  • felt or ultrasuede pieces (not shown)
  • black squeeze paint (not shown)
  • two tiny wiggle eyes (not shown)
  • One small and one medium sized PomPom ball (or extra chenille stems or bumps)
Take the piece of Chenille stem with 4 bumps and make a 90 degree bend about 1/2 inch from the end. You are working on the dogs nose.
Make another bend so the stem comes all the way back on itself (like a U turn!) This will be about 1/2 inch from your first bend.. or just past the center of the bump.
Take one of the pieces with 2 bumps and twist it around the stem you made the dogs head on. You can use your own judgement on how many times to twist it based on how big you want the dog, etc. This will make the dogs front legs.
Take the second piece of chenilel with 2 bumps and twist it around the larger piece behind the 2nd bump as shown. This is the back legs of the dog.
Take the long piece and bend it back towrds the front of the dog. (# bumps will become the dogs body to give him some bulk, otherwise he will be too thin.
Bend the longer stem around the front legs of the dog. Again this is forming the dogs body. You can twist the stem around more to get a shorter bodied dog.. or vay\ry these basic directions to get the look you desire.
Bend the very end of the long stem around the back legs section of the dog, ending with the end of the stem pointing up to form the dog's tail.
Bend the dogs legs to form Knees and paws.
Take the small pompom ball and spread the nap. Put a dot of glue in the spot you formed by spreading the nap. This will become the ball at the end of the dogs tail. You can use matching colors or contrast. Whatever you like is fine. When I have not found the color I wanted in a pompom ball I have taken small pieces of chenille stem or bumps and made twists or loops that substitute for the pompom balls. (The green dog in the picture has chenille stem hair tufts and tail)
Put the ball on the tail of the dog. Squeeze the nap down over the tail and hold for a few moments.
Do the same with the larger pompom ball. This one will become the tuft of hair on the dogs head.
Put the part with the glue on the dogs head and squeeze the hair down and hold for a few moments.
This shows the dog we just made, along side of a finished dog. Make oval shaped ears from the felt ot ultrasuede pieces. Lift a little of the hair on the dogs head and glue them in, as shown on the finished dog. Bend the legs and body to get the look you want and make the dog stand level. I usually squeeze a dot of black squeeze style T-shirt paints on the tip of the dogs snout for his nose. I apply two tiny wiggle eyes in the appropriate position for his eyes, and decorate however you like. I usually make a collar and leash. I have made dog sweaters and coats and whatever else I wanted, to make the dog compliment the doll he was made to go with. These directions are a guideline. Alter them as you like. Have Fun!